Potpourri: Caught My Eye This Week

Man Recycles Old Door Knobs into a Sparkling Replica of Van Gogh’s Starry Night – I love old door knobs and have some from the house my parents lived in after they were married and from the farmhouse of my grandparents. What a clever way to recycle them. Click on the article to see why he did this.

Question of the Week: Favorite Children’s BookCiRCE Institute is a wonderful resource for those interested in classical education. They have insightful articles, audio tapes, a classical schools database, informative newsletter. They recently asked for your or your kid’s favorite children’s books. Some folks gave lengthy responses while others only named a few. Some of my favorites were listed but I also saw some new titles I will need to check out.

Ordo Amoris – I have been fascinated with politics since I was a youngster. I remember watching the Kennedy-Nixon debate at my grandparent’s house. I now teach rhetoric at a tutorial that has all students debate in grades 7 – 12. I teach Lincoln-Douglas style debate in my class but at the school, policy debates, legislative, public forum and mock trial are all taught. Presidential and vice-presidential debates are discussed. This site offered a Presidential Bingo and gave things for students to look for. They did the same thing for the Vice-Presidential debate also. There are funny items and thought provoking items included. Why didn’t I think of this?



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6 Responses to Potpourri: Caught My Eye This Week

  1. Natalie Johnson says:

    Oh my goodness! I have never ever thought about the old door knob in this way. What a creative idea!!! First time viewers tend to look at this replica, the way Gollum looks at his precious ring!!

  2. Tim says:

    The doorknob mural is the perfect blend of creativity, making the best of what you have, and art that just looks cool. =) I love the curving doorknobs for the swirling in the sky!

    For the presidental debate bingo, I just need a card full of “middle class Americans” spaces. Wouldn’t take very long. =)
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  3. Olivia Watson says:

    Is there any word to describe the artistic value of this work? I don’t have the answer.

    All very creative!!

  4. Janice says:

    It certainly is creative.
    Janice recently posted..Jacques Barzun: His Writings Influenced My TeachingMy Profile

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