Button Holed by Kylie Logan

Both of my grandmothers saved buttons. One kept hers in an old tin can and the other had hers in a mason jar. I remember loving to play with those buttons. There were the usual clear, or white buttons found on men’s shirts but there were also fancy buttons, some with only one of a kind. Sometimes my Grandmother Sewell would tell me where the buttons had come from and sometimes I would just play and sort the buttons as my other grandmother was sawing a button on one of my uncle’s work shirts. I learned to save buttons, those extra ones you get when you buy clothes, or when I had to throw out something that wasn’t even good for the thrift shops I would remove the buttons and save them. When I became an elementary teacher I got some buttons still on the cards from a special recycling store for teachers and  I would use them in games.

So my interest was piqued when I heard about this book about a button collector. Button Holed is the first in a new series by Kylie Logan. The main character, Josie Giancola is an expert on buttons and opened up Button Box, a shop where you can get all kinds of buttons: special artistic ones, antique ones and many one of a kind buttons.

Josie is excited about her shop but when it is ransacked and an actress who she was helping to find the perfect buttons for her wedding dress is murdered in her shop, Josie’s world is torn upside down. She decides she has to investigate because the murder weapon was an antique buttonhook. There are men in Josie’s life, a homicide detective, Nevin Riley, with of course, sparks between them, a trusted older neighbor Stan who looks out for her, and her ex husband, Kaz, who ‘tries’ to help but has bigger problems of his own.

Logan has created an interesting set of characters that were believable and interesting and I look forward to reading the next in the series. Some tips on antique button collecting are also included.

Now if I could just find some of those old buttons my grandmother gave me.

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