A Bird Strays from its Nest, Again

Like a bird that strays from its nest is a man who strays from his home. Proverbs 27:8

Last month I wrote about an Uninvited Early Morning Visitor. Several weeks after that I went to put something in what can only be called the “junk” room. Mom used to have her computer in there and would store some things she didn’t want down in the basement. When I came to live there, I added things to the room and one of my projects this summer was to rearrange the boxes of clothes, Christmas decorations and the like. There is a shelf in there where I put gifts – those birthday and Christmas presents I have already purchased. I had set a book on the shelf and heard a fluttering as I was closing the door. I certainly sounded like a bird to me and I decided not to open the door again until I went into my “get the animal out of the house mode”.

It was 7 pm and I knew I didn’t have much day light left to draw this bird out. Mom was in her bedroom so I closed that door, my bedroom, the bathroom and the basement door. I then opened the doors to outside. Then I was ready to open the door to the junk room. I turned the light out in that room but kept the hall light on, hoping to entice the bird out.

I called my sister, wondering how in the world another bird had entered the house, I checked the fireplace where I was sure the last bird came in but it was sealed tight. I waited and waited and saw the light quickly fading. I went back and heard and saw nothing in the room. I then decided I would have to wait until the morning. I closed that door and stuffed a towel in the opening under the door. I did think I was starting to get a little paranoid. I again checked all around the house and saw no openings and wondered if it had come through the air conditioning vents, but so no evidence.

I got up early the next morning because Mom and I were leaving and I didn’t want to be gone for several days with a bird in the house. It was bright outside and I tried the same method I had before. I ventured in the room and even threw some things around hoping to coax the bird out but there was nothing. I had to leave the house and hadn’t seen or hear a thing.

When I got to my sister’s she said, “Are you sure it was a bird?” Now, you can imagine my response to that but I was beginning to wonder.

Hurricane Irene was coming so we stayed with my sister. After the storm was over, she was without electricity for several days and I finally went back to mom’s to check everything. She had electricity but as mom had been sick she was weak and we thought it best for mom to be with us both. There were no other birds in the house and I didn’t hear a thing. Had I imagined the whole thing? I didn’t think so and when I opened that door and smelled a dead animal I actually felt better. I moved some stuff but couldn’t find it and as my sister was waiting for me I left.

When mom and I finally got home, I started moving things around in the room. The smell had lessened considerably so it wasn’t like I could sniff out where it was located. I was rearranging things on the gift shelf and straightened out a box of gift wrap, tissue paper and ribbon. It seemed like the perfect place for a bird to be hiding but it wasn’t there. I then moved a bag and was picking up some ribbon that had fallen when I saw something black on the floor. Yes, I was not crazy. There was a bird, the same type that had  been in the living room. I took a picture and sent an email to my sister saying , “So there.” Of course, she calls me and I am waiting to gloat when she asked what I had meant. The picture had not been sent!!

We surmise that this bird had come in with the other bird and because I closed the door to that room, the bird had been stuck in there while I was on vacation.

Yes, we will be having the chimney cleaned and a bird guard installed. I think I have it all figured out but I won’t be renting Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller The Birds anytime too soon.

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