World War II Color Photos of London Blitz

We have all seen black and photos of World War II but Life released some amazing Color Photographs of the London Blitz. They were released as part of the 70th anniversary of the start of Winston Churchill’s ‘V for Victory’ campaign on July 19, 1941. What a leader Churchill was in rallying the British to confront the Nazi. These photos show the devastation of the bombing but also the determination of the British people to rebuilt. Thankful for those who stood up for truth. May we not forget.


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2 Responses to World War II Color Photos of London Blitz

  1. Tim says:

    Incredible… absolutely incredible.

    When I look at the pictures it doesn’t quite make sense to me… I can see by the buildings and the clothing that it’s in that time period, but the fact that it’s in color tricks my mind into thinking that it’s a reenactment or something. Thank you for sharing this.

    • jhidey says:

      Tim, they are amazing aren’t they? I also looked at some black and white grainy pictures today that also showed the atrocities of that war. I had heard about London getting bombed but seeing the devastation in such vivid photos made it seem real. At my first job, I worked with two ladies, a mother and daughter from England. They described the bombings but seeing these pictures really brought it to life for me.

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