The Joy of Books

I love independent bookstores. This is Type Bookstore in Toronto. It took hours to accomplish all this and I so appreciate their efforts. Enjoy!


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  1. Diane H says:

    What a fun video! I can’t imagine how many people and how many hours it took to do all of that! Way to go– Yay for real book!
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    • Janice Hidey says:

      It took them quite a while and they used their employees at night. Must have meant lots of overtime but what a fun project to work on. I also think it has created traffic not just online but in store kind. I agree about real books. Though I have a Kindle, you can’t have this kind of fun with ebooks.

  2. Ava says:

    VERY fun! I think TYPE must be a fun place to work. I also love “real” books, but my Nook is convenient at times. Still, there’s nothing like holding bits of The Great Conversation right in your hands in the form of a real book.

    • Janice Hidey says:

      I too love “real” books but having a Kindle is helpful. I like it that I have several books available when I travel and love getting free ebooks. Writing notes in a real book is easier too. Also there are no footnotes on the page and it makes it hard to go to the end of the book and back again. I also like when you are reading a book that you can easily see how much you have read or how many pages are left in the chapter. The Kindle does give you the percentage but I am a more visual person. I like the sense of accomplishment when I put the book on the shelf after I have read it. There have been many times people see a book on the shelf and we have a conversation about it, or they borrow it. So though I read ebooks, physical books in my hand are still my favorite reading format.

  3. Bookstores like this is all my husband will go to. He loves to read and the small private ones have so much history to them!

    • Janice Hidey says:

      I love those private bookstores stores and when I travel I go out of my way to find them. When we have chains like Borders closing it makes you really wonder how those small private ones can make it. When I lived in Columbia, SC we had a great one in Happy Bookseller but within a year of my moving from there, they had gone. So sad for the community as they were the ones that helped schools with book fairs, brought in great authors and did so many other things for the community. I guess with the ebook revolution we will only see more of them closing. I appreciate this one reminding us of the joy of books.
      Thanks for stopping by.

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