The Golden Treasury of Puritan Quotations by I.D.E. Thomas

I love quotations. I started collecting them in junior high. I would cut them out from articles or write them out on index cards. When I got my first computer I started transcribing them to a list and when I started on the web I added to this collection. I now have a general list that includes mainly Christian and historical quotes. Once I started teaching high school I started an Art and Beauty list including all areas of the arts which I use with my students. I also have a Book and Writing list. In Rhetoric class I use quotes for their copybook from great rhetoricians and historical figures. I use quotes in my Omnibus class from each time period we study for students to analyze. So when I saw this book that was about a group of favorite Christian writers, the Puritans, I dug right in.

The Golden Treasury of Puritan Quotations compiled by I.D.E. Thomas is organized by topics such as Affliction, Grace and Truth. Under each topic are subtopics. For example, under Affliction some of the subtopics are: Universal, A Recognition of Strength, Can My Affliction be Traced to God? and N.B. I love the N.B. which is the abbreviation for Nota bene, Latin for ‘note well’. The gem listed N.B. for Affliction is ‘He that rides to be crowned, will not think much of a rainy day’ by John Trapp.

The author is listed for each quote but the source is not listed which I wish was so I could read further in the original work. The index lists each author and the pages where one of their quotes are listed.

When you are looking for this book is has several titles which could be confusing. It is one of Banner of Truth’s Puritan Paperbacks. The book spine lists A Golden Treasury, the cover lists A Puritan Golden Treasury and the title page lists The Golden Treasury of Puritan Quotations. I have seen all the titles used when I did searches.

I highly recommend this book. I read it straight through and will use it when I want a quotation on a particular topic. And yes, I did add a number of these quotes to my personal list.

Great Puritans such as Richard Baxter, Thomas Brooks, John Bunyan, Stephen Charnock, John Flavel, William Gurnal, Thomas Manton, John Owen, Samuel Rutherford, Richard Sibbes, John Trapp, Thomas Watson and many more are included. I was introduced to some Puritans that I did not know. Short bios would have been helpful but with more than 125 Puritans included it may have become unwieldy.

Westminster Bookstore has a sample of the book for you to preview.

Here are some quotations from the book:

                    We know metals by their tinkling, and men by their talking.                                     Thomas Brooks

        News may come that Truth is sick, but never that it is dead.                                    William Gurnall

       In our sufferings for Christ there is joy, not so when we suffer for our sins.                     John Trapp

Read the Scripture, not only as a history, but as a love-letter sent to you from God.      Thomas Watson

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