Potpourri: Books – Walking and Reading; Self-Publishing

Here are some book posts from my journeys on the internet lately that my fellow bibliophiles may enjoy:

The Dead End of DIY Self-Publishing  I read a lot and belong to several groups of writers. I have gotten many advanced reader copies to review through the years. Sometimes reading them with the errors has been tough. I also have gotten self-published books, more since the e-book revolution. As a teacher it is so hard for me to read books full of errors. I ask, where is the editor? Since I was a youngster I have always marked in books that belonged to me, any mistakes that I find. Unfortunately today there are often so many it makes it hard to read. I have been concerned with so much self-publishing today and this article brings to light some of my concerns. With the publishing industry there were checks and balances for the reader and the writer. Eugenia Williamson offers some insights into the industry. I hope that the publishing industry continues to flourish, and we will not need to weed through so much poorly written material.

A Book’s Lover’s Guide to Reading and Walking at the Same Time: Lev Grossman’s article in Time Entertainment made me laugh. I usually love to be in a comfortable chair or laying down to read but I have been known to keep reading as I go to answer the door or answer the phone. But besides that I don’t walk and read. I tried reading while exercising on the stationary bike but it gave me a headache so usually when I read I am stationary.

What is your favorite spot to read?

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