Potpourri: Blogs to Check

AnnKroeker.Writing  I have followed Ann Kroeker’s blog for several years. She has written several books and on her blog talks about her faith, reading and writing and sponsors Food on Fridays. Her entry, Dancing in the Loft with her photographs and memories of her parent’s farm brought back my memories of growing up on my grandparent’s farm. Check this beautiful entry, tour around her blog and add her to your feed. Her writing is powerful and you will enjoy getting to know her.

Di Doodlings  Yesterday after the earthquake, my sister collected some of the Earthquake! stories from other blogs. One of things I love about blogs is reading other people’s stories and experiences. Di Doodlings also has several giveaways going on so enter them and add her to your feed so you can find out about more contests.

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4 Responses to Potpourri: Blogs to Check

  1. Diane H says:

    love the blog love!!

  2. Ann Kroeker says:

    I’m honored to be highlighted here and so glad that you have found something of value at my blog. It’s nice to know we share a farm in each of our histories. When I went to college, I began to realize how unusual it was to have been raised in a rural setting instead of the suburbs and capitalized on it in my poetry classes, writing about feeding cows and barn lofts–here I am, decades later, still talking about the rural life! :)

    Thank you again for this amazing highlight!

    • jhidey says:

      It’s funny but in junior high I didn’t think living on a farm was all that cool. We didn’t live in a development but back a lane. Of course, I had my siblings and cousins who lived further down the lane so we really always had kids to play with so I don’t know why it mattered. When I got to college I realized how cool it was to grow up on a farm. The only reason it was sold is when my grandmother died she left it to her 8 children. Due to tax laws, and other things they waited 10 years and then had to sell it. My father had died and mom had already sold our house but those left on the farm property did buy other farms further out in the country. My 93 year old aunt is still alive on one of those farms with apple, pear and peach trees, blackberries, grapes and fields where my cousin grows soybeans, various grain and corn. I have found I am spoiled in that I was so used to fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs and milk, chicken, turkey, pork and beef that I continue to grow my own garden and support local farmers if at all possible. Like you, I find I am talking about rural life a lot and am thankful for that setting.

      I have appreciated your blog and have starred several entries on Google Reader. After I wrote on your blog I also sent a link to one of my students who is into photography and writing. It was then I decided I would use it on my blog.

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