Photography – Take a Picture of a Picture from the Past

More and more people are taking pictures today it seems. Maybe it is because so many cellphones now have cameras, or that digital cameras are easier to use and less expensive. Of course, there isn’t that hassle or expense of taking your film to be developed. And it is easy to crop your photos, or use some software to manipulate the image or make them more beautiful.

My family had photo albums and later slides that we loved to look at. Now many photo albums are online and with Twitter and Facebook making it so easy to upload and share photos I can easily see the photos of friends and families.

If you enjoy photography and have some of those older photos, you may enjoy the website Dear Photography where you ‘take a picture of a picture from the past in the present’.  You get the photograph, say of you standing in front of the old oak tree in your front yard and then holding the picture with your left hand line the photo up and take a picture. Check out the site to really understand and once you have tried it you can submit your photos. It is a clever idea and would be a great summer activity for families who like to take pictures. It would also mean going to places that have been significant in your past and sharing stories. It you try this, tell us about it in the comments and if the site accepts your photo for publication put the link in the comment section so we can check it out.

What old photo do you most cherish?


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