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When I moved from South Carolina to Maryland I was concerned about my books. There I had bookcases in every room except the bathrooms and laundry room. I have been a librarian so the books were organized so I could find what I needed. In my den were two very tall bookshelves that I had gotten at a house auction over 25 years ago that had antique books and my mysteries. In the guest bedroom were several cases, one with Christian fiction and fantasy including the Bodie Thoene Zion Covenant and Zion Chronicle series, Stephen Lawhead’s The Pendragon Cycle series, The Dragon King Trilogy and of course J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis classics.  My theology books were in several cases, arranged by the author’s last name. In my bedroom, were books I often would go to time and again plus a whole section of books to be read. My library reflected my love of books, my librarian background and what I types of book I read and collect.

When I moved there were boxes and boxes of books – too many for those who packed and moved the boxes. I was moving in with my mother to care for her and so there really wasn’t room for me to set up all my bookcases. I set up some of the shelves upstairs and the rest were put in the basement. I cringed because humidity is not good for books but with a dehumidifier it has been okay. The biggest problem is there are  lots of books still in boxes because in addition to the books in my home I had thousands of books from school: teacher books, reference books and lots of picture books, student nonfiction and fiction books from the classroom. After 5 years I still sometimes have to go sorting through boxes to find what I need.

Here are some Libraries of Celebrities. These are beautiful settings for books and some look more used than others. I would love to check out the titles, pull a book off the shelf and sit down and read a spell.

I have enjoyed the study tours of these pastors.

Here are two others that may also interest you: Albert Mohler and Ligon Duncan

What library in your life is your favorite?


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3 Responses to Personal Libraries

  1. Ann Kroeker says:

    I absolutely love this post on your personal libraries and the links to tours people give of their own.

    Though I’ve never been a librarian, I love libraries (and librarians!) dearly, and have collected a ridiculous number of books over the years. They are stashed everywhere in my house, similar to how you described your space. I would love to organize them sometime something like a library, but that may be a project for my empty nest years. :)

    • jhidey says:

      This week a younger fellow and his wife both of which my sister had trained stopped by her house to show her their new baby girl. I got into a discussion with him about what he was reading. I made some suggestions and thought of the pastor’s library tours, and knowing he would appreciate them, I told him I would send the link. One thing led to another as the celebrity libraries also showed up on something I was reading online. That made me decide to write about personal libraries.

      I do miss the arrangement I had in South Carolina but I have always tended to keep similar type books together. Part of that is because with teaching it made it easy to find things when I needed them. I also lend my books to family, friends and students so I wanted to be able to find them to recommend or lend. Before I left SC I did manage to get all the books in my house and quite a few of the classroom books listed on LibraryThing which helps me know what I have though not where to find it!

      Thanks for the tweet also.

  2. Diane H says:

    Wow…I thought I had a lot of books–HAH!!! I can see why they need personal librarians.
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