Hurricane Irene Insights


Hurricane Irene Aftermath:

Mom and I were at my sister’s house before the hurricane and stayed. It makes us all feel better if we are together for company .

For us just limbs and leaves fell all over her lawn but no trees down. My mom’s house also was fine, with not even a limb down. We did have to have a tree cut up across my aunt’s property so we could have people get in and out of the lane.

I had moved my car from under the large tree which was a good idea as a large limb fell right where my car would have been.

Electricity was out for 60 hours.

The first morning my sister and I drove around early, while mom was still sleeping to get some coffee and ice. Everything along Route 40 was closed except the Mars. We did find a MacDonald’s open but found no ice.

The weather was beautiful so the breezes were delightful with the windows open.

We ate out a lot.

Everyone ate ice cream bars and again several hours later as they were melting fast.

We used up lots of candles.

With enough candles you can read a book or your Kindle. I finished several books but couldn’t write up reviews on my computer as it was dead.

My sister found the radio and we had batteries to listen to some news but saved it for the Orioles games. We all love to listen to the games, especially Mom.

It was fun to play Nerts, and I actually won.

We played Bananagrams late at night.

We were able to take short showers. Get in and wet your hair. Turn water off and shampoo. Then turn water back on. We still had some pretty warm water after power was off for 2 days.

We charged cellphones when we were driving or as my sister did, go out in the car and charge the cellphone. My charger from the car was not working so I basically had a dead cellphone most of the time.

We checked the cellphones every hour for messages especially from family. All of our siblings also were without power.

Finally after 48 hours with no electricity we found ice and put some food from the fridge and freezer in coolers.

Once Electricity Back On:

Clean out the refrigerator and freezer. We had kept the refrigerator closed as much as possible and gotten ice on Monday but after 60 hours of no electricity there wasn’t much to salvage.  Is the cost of spoiled food added into the hurricane damage costs? I feel for those who have been working during the summer freezing things which have now spoiled. What a shame.

Vacuum as there have been all kinds of things tracked in – especially leaves.

Shower. Now we could not just wash our hair but condition it too.

Wash clothes.

Have a nice hot cup of coffee without having to go out and buy it or a nice cold drink.

Watch the news and try to catch up on all the pictures and news of the aftermath across the nation.

Keep your cellphone on because you can plug it into the wall to charge without going out to the car to recharge it.

Check your emails.

Check Twitter and Facebook for more than one or two minutes at a time because you can charge your cellphone and your computer.


It is good to be with family during snow storms and hurricanes. We laughed and told stories of other hurricanes: Agnes where Mom drove us down to Woodlawn to see the damage and we all helped a neighborhood close by clean up; Hugo where Diane was without power for more than a week and lost a huge tree in her front yard and was under a turned over sofa as the winds whipped by.

Reading is free and wonderful: Bible, books, magazines were all read.

Telling stories and laughing together is good.

A little suffering puts things in perspective. Praying for those who lost much more than a tree limb or electricity.

Thankful to God.

How did you fare during Hurricane Irene?

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