Blackberries – Delicious and so Good for You

Blackberries are now in and I have picked some everyday. They are so good for you.

blackberry single

– One cup of fresh blackberries has 62 calories, 1 gram of fat, 15 carbohydrates, 8 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein and only 1 mg of sodium.

– One cup of blackberries contain half of the daily recommendation of vitamin C.

– One cup of blackberries contain 8 grams of fiber over thirty percent of the daily recommended amount of fiber. Apples and peaches both have 4 grams of fiber.

– Blackberries are a good source of vitamin K, offering 36% of the daily recommended amount.

– Blackberries have the highest level of antioxidants of any fruit.  The antioxidant in blackberries is called anthocyanins and increases collagen production (which leads to younger looking skin) and improves circulation.It is also beneficial for preventing inflammation.

I add them to my cereal and oatmeal. They are part of fruit salads I make and I just love to eat them plain. Add them to your lettuce salads for a pop of color and a delicious twist. They freeze well so I have done that regularly so I will have them long after I can’t pick any from the garden.

Check out my other post Blackberry Picking on the Farm and Roly Poly for my adventures going blackberry picking as a kid and to see a family recipe for Blackberry Roly Poly.

What ways do you add blackberries to your diet?

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  1. I add blackberries to my oatmeal regularly, but because I love them. I had no idea they were the berry with highest antioxidant levels! Awesome! Thanks for sharing all these facts. :)

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