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Last year I used YouVersion on my phone for my Bible reading plan. It was the first year that I used my cellphone for this and I liked it so much I am continuing it again this year. YouVersion has lots of choices for plans and versions to use.

I found it was easy to keep up. I use my phone alarm to wake up on school days and I made the commitment to read the Bible before I read any messages on the phone. I used the M’Cheyne One Year Plan which takes you through the Old Testament once, New Testament and Psalms twice. It was developed as a plan for personal and family devotions by Robert M’Cheyne. The reading amounted to 4 chapters most days and took about 20 minutes. If you miss a day, it is easy to catch up and YouVersion allows you to bookmark passages.

I also reread Morning and Evening, the devotional classic by Charles Spurgeon. I first read this right after college and it continues to be a favorite. It is no wonder that Spurgeon is called The Prince of Preachers.This year I decided to use YouVersion’s ESV Study Bible plan. I have used the English Standard Version for my reading and study for about two years now and decided to try this plan this year. It includes readings from four sections of the Bible each day: the Psalms and Wisdom Literature, Pentateuch and History of Israel, Chronicles and Prophets, and Gospels and Epistles.

I started having a daily Quiet Time right after I became a Christian through the encouragement of my Young Life leaders. I used the Phillips translation of the New Testament. Since then I have read through the Bible many times using the Revised Standard Version Bible, New American Standard, New International Version, New King James and English Standard Version. I know that some people can’t change versions but I have found it helpful through the years as it makes me look at the verses with fresh eyes and not be dependent on notes I have written. I have kept the Bibles I have used with my notes and when I am studying a particular passage I can still go back and check them.

So, if it has been a while since you read through the Bible or maybe you have never read it in its entirety I encourage you to start on it this year. Pick a one year plan, or I know there are some who do two-year plans as they want the Word to sink in. I urge my eleventh graders to read through the Bible before they start college so they can be ready when they are asked questions. It also helps them to realize how many of our expressions come from the Bible. Students in literature classes are especially helped by having read the Bible. My sister encourages her Campaigners to start with a book like Mark. So the New Testament may be a great place to start. Reading it always brings insights, whether it is brand new or you have read it many times. It is food for the infant and those mature. It’s never to late to start.

What is your plan for reading the Bible this year?

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